2012 election results Erath County

By Caleb McCaig – 

Barack Obama has won the 2012 Presidential election with 303 electoral votes.  Mitt Romney won Texas’ 38 electoral votes, but that wasn’t enough to put him past the incumbent. Romney won 82.81 percent of the vote in Erath county compared to 15.76 percent that Obama carried. However, Romney was unable to pick up any of the swing states that consisted of Ohio, Florida, Virginia, or Wisconsin.

Republican Senate nominee Ted Cruz carried 80.52 percent of the vote in Erath county defeating Democratic nominee Paul Sadler. Cruz carried 57 percent of the vote statewide and will replace Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s vacated seat.

Republican U.S. Representative of District 11 Mike Conaway carried 80.28 percent of the vote in Erath county and 79 percent in the district. He defeated Democratic candidate Jim Riley who had 19 percent of the vote.

In the state senate race for District 30, Craig Estes won 90.23 percent of the vote in the county and 86.12 percent in the district. His opponent garnered 13.87 percent of the vote. Estes carried 9.77 percent of the vote in Erath county.

State representative for District 59 was also up for grabs. J.D. Sheffield claimed the spot with 78.22 percent of the state vote and 82.93 percent of the vote in Erath county.

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