2019 Purple Poo Unmasking

Makenzie Plusnick

Opinion Editor

Brother Afro was revealed to be Cody Mann.
Rick James prepares to reveal.
Jordan May takes off his mask.
Sister Dobby prepares to reveal her identity.
Tori Slade makes her way to Dr. Dottavio after revealing.
Tori smiles as she takes off her mask
Brother Hot Rod takes off his mask.
Dr. Dottavio congratulates Josh Leduc on his unmasking
Sister Chocolate takes off her mask.
Payton Potter and Dr. Dottavio take a photo together.
Brother Grasshopper in his Poo mask for the last time.
Jake Webb after his reveal.
Webb smiles at Dr. Dottavio.
Sister Cheg looks at the crowd as she prepares to unmask.
Kali Parker waves at the crowd after she unmasks.
Sister Rocky takes off the mask.
Megan Heard hugs Dr. Dottavio after her reveal.
Brother Walmart spends his last moments in the mask.
Dr. Dottavio congratulates Ludwig on unmasking.
Brother Zebra Cakes waits for his reveal.
Dr. Dottavio greets Blake Ramo.
Dr. Dottavio congratulates Ramo with a hug.
Brother Extra takes off his mask.
Ty Hill and Dr. Dottavio greet each other.
Sister Catnip removes her ears in preparation of removing her masking.
Bailey Jones smiles after her reveal.
The 12 newly revealed Purple Poo with some of the still-masked members.

Some names may be misspelled or incorrect. If you find any corrections, message us and we will correct them.

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