ACT and SAT scores not required for the freshman class

Kaley Dowell

Executive Producer

On July 3, Tarleton State University announced that they will not be requiring freshman ACT and SAT scores for those who apply during the spring, summer, or fall of the 2021 school year.  

“There is an uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and questionable availability of ACT and SAT administrations in the months to come. We see this as an important opportunity for Tarleton to provide some stability and to support prospective students as they navigate the path to college in the months ahead,” Vice President for Enrollment Management Dr. Javier Garza said. 

COVID-19 has impacted students who will be applying to schools within the next year because there are not many facilities offering ACT or SAT tests which are normally necessary for students to apply to any school. 

Garza said the decision was made in hopes of supporting future students and to give them a fair and equitable chance. 

Students are still being encouraged to submit their scores if they have them for reasons such as “enhanced prospects for competitive scholarship awards, possible TSI (Texas Success Initiative) exemption, [and] (for students ranked in the 3rd quarter of their graduating high school class) SAT/ACT scores may support admission consideration in individual review” Tarleton’s website said. 

Only time will tell how these new accomadations will effect enrollment during the ongoing pandemic.

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