Alpha Gamma Delta takes on hunger action month

Madison Reed

Multimedia Journalist

Alpha Gamma Delta has been celebrating Hunger Action Month all of September. As the month comes to a close, they are looking back and reflecting on what they’ve accomplished for not only their sorority, but also the community.

Alpha Gamma Delta has been busy this month organizing food drives, fundraising and informing the community about food insecurity.

Vice President of Alpha Gamma Delta Davi Woods sitting at her food drive booth in the Student Center. Photo by Madison Reed.

Vice President of Philanthropy for Alpha Gamma Delta Davi Woods said, “Basically, our goal [for Hunger Action Month] is to educate the public and educate anyone we are around, [on] what food insecurity is—that a lot of people go through [it] and not just people of a lower-class, lower-status, and stuff like that like your friends could be going through food insecurity. So Hunger Action Month is just a month for us to go out into the community and do a lot more fundraising events and food drives and just more education and outreach than we normally do on a monthly basis.”

One-way Alpha Gamm Delta celebrated Hunger Action Month was by hosting a campus-wide food drive that started Monday, Sept. 14 and ended on Friday, Sept. 25.

Woods was able to report all good things for the food drive that occurred over the two-week period,

“It’s [the food drive] going really well. We’ve had a lot of people donate. Some people have donated time, because that’s all they can afford, some people have graciously given us some money so we can go buy stuff that we need specifically for the humane society and for the food pantry, and others have donated cans [and] boxed goods—like nonperishables—that we can put in the food pantry,” Woods said.

If you are wanting to donate items but missed the food drive that ended Friday, do not worry. There are still many ways for you to get involved, help and be part of the change.

“The Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation is always raising money—not just for us and not just during Hunger Action Month. If you go to, you can donate directly to the foundation, which helps support fighting hunger and food insecurity. And then, you also can just donate your time…get in touch with local food pantries—the Tarleton Food Pantry even—and just ask them how you can help and what they need from you,” Woods said. “We do a lot of outreach programs through Alpha Gamma Delta, but we’re more than [happy] to have help with anything anybody wants to help with.”

Woods highly encourages students to get involved in the community. There are so many ways people can help. They can give food, supplies, money or even just their time. Anything goes a long way to help the community.

Talking about the Erath County Humane society, Woods said, “They would love any donations, and even if you’d like to volunteer there…they’re more than happy to have volunteers.”

If you have any questions or would like to know more about Alpha Gamma Delta’s philanthropy and upcoming events, you can visit their website,, or Instagram page @alphagam_tsu.

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