American Horror Story recap: The Replacements

By Misty Shorter – 

The episode starts with Fiona Goode waking up in the middle of the night to take a pill. She is out of liquor so she goes downstairs to pour herself a drink. She walks back in the kitchen and the scene flashed back to the same house in 1971. Fiona is a young woman and she is asking the current Supreme, Annaleigh questions about when she knew she was destined to become the supreme witch.

Annaleigh is telling her how she was already able to master multiple gifts at a young age, and had to perform spells in front of the council. She tells Fiona that even though she may think she is ready to be Supreme, she is not. Fiona argues, “When a new Supreme starts to flower, the old Supreme starts to fade.” Annaleigh has health issues, and Fiona does not believe she is a good leader anymore. Annaleigh scolds her and tells her that she will never be head of the coven and tells her to “go to hell,” and turns her back to walk away. Fiona appears in front of her and slashes her throat. She then looks up and sees the butler, Spalding. Spalding is standing there silent, the scene flashes back to the present and Fiona asks him if cat got his tongue. We can now assume how Spalding lost his tongue.

Fiona is now sitting in a doctor’s office and is recollecting how she would pick up men as a young woman, referring to it as “a dance.” But now the dance has changed. As she has gotten older, men are not drawn to her anymore. We flash back to the doctor’s office and see that her reason for being there is to talk about facial surgery in her tiring quest to look younger.


Zoe played by Taissa Farmiga talking with Kyle’s mother played by Mare Winningham
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Zoe has taken it upon herself to visit Kyle’s mother. They discuss Kyle, and she tells Zoe her call saved her from hanging herself. Zoe assures her that she will see Kyle again and he has not left them.

Madison, Nan, and Queenie are checking out the new neighbors moving in, especially the son, Luke. LaLaurie is inside watching President Obama giving a speech a crying. She is surprised an African-American is president of the United States. Fiona tells her about how history has changed and has decided to make LaLaurie the new maid. LaLaurie puts on the uniform and gets into a confrontation with Queenie over breakfast. Since LaLaurie has so many issues with Queenie, Fiona makes her Queenie’s new personal slave.

Zoe goes to pick up Kyle from Misty Day, the blonde witch, and she is singing and listening to Fleetwood Mac with him. She tells Kyle that she is still looking for her “tribe” and believes that Kyle and Zoe are it. Zoe arrives and Kyle is responsive and gentle toward her. Zoe wants to take him home to his mom, but Misty gets upset. Kyle fights them off and Zoe takes him home. Zoe promises to come back to see Misty. Misty does not believe her but the music soon calms her down.

Nan and Madison go next door, with a cake, to welcome the new neighbors. Luke is amazed at how good the cake looks. He instantly cuts himself a slice and bonds with Nan, ignoring Madison. When Joan Ramsey, Luke’s mother, comes to get Luke to go to church, she sees Madison and is upset. Madison gets into a scuffle with Joan and causes a knife go into the wall. Both girls are kicked out of the house and Madison, unknowingly, sets the curtains on fire.

Cordelia goes back to the doctor, and is told she is unable to conceive. Fiona is at her surgeon and is told that she cannot have surgery because her immune system is in a free fall.

Fiona is back home, drinking, when Joan stops by with a Bible. She tells Fiona what happened earlier and Fiona is interested that Madison was able to set the curtains on fire. She threatened to press charges against the girls if they ever come to her house again. When Joan leaves, Fiona had Madison light her cigarette with her mind. She wants to talk to Madison. You can instantly tell that there is something bigger going here by the way Fiona is acting.

Zoe drove Kyle to his mother’s house but he is clearly upset by this. He is later seen lying down in his bed. When his mother comes in to check on him she says how happy she is that he is home, and comments on how different his body looks. She then passionately kisses him on the mouth, revealing an incestuous relationship. Now you see why he did not want to go home.

Cordelia goes to see Marie Laveau about her fertility problem, and she explains to Cordelia the difficult process to help her conceive. When Cordelia asks how soon she can do it, Laveau tells her there is a $50,000 payment and they must wait until the next new moon. When Cordelia agrees to the conditions, Laveau laughs at her and tells her she won’t do it ­­– she is the daughter or her sworn enemy.

Fiona sees Madison’s powers growing and decides to take her under her wing. Fiona tells Madison that she wants to teach Madison her skills because she and Cordelia are not on good terms. Fiona and Madison manipulate a man to stand in the middle of the street while cars are driving toward him. After Madison does it, Fiona looks at her in fear and disgust.

While Queenie and LaLaurie are in the kitchen, LaLaurie is lecturing her about how she should not eat so much. Queenie tells her that food comforts her. LaLaurie’s houseboy turned Minotaur is at the door trying to get to LaLaurie. LaLaurie tells Queenie who she is and Queenie goes outside to lure him away. Queenie tells the Minotaur she can relate to him being called a beast, and that they both just want to be loved. Queenie touches herself and the Minotaur puts his hand over her mouth.

Kyle’s mom has invited Zoe for dinner. She apologizes to Kyle for being possessive and understands he needs to move on with his life. His mother tries to seduce him, but becomes upset that Kyle won’t talk to her. Kyle finally says his first word and screams “no” at his mother as he attacks and kills her with a trophy. When Zoe arrives at Kyle’s house she sees Kyle’s mother. When she turns around she sees Kyle covered in blood and screams.

As Fiona and Madison are still out on the town, Fiona begins to reminisce about when she was young. Fiona gets Madison drunk and leads Madison to believe that she is getting drunk as well.

When Fiona and Madison get back home Fiona is pretending to be drunk. Fiona tells Madison where her portrait will go on the wall with the other Supremes, and tells Madison that she will be the new Supreme. Fiona tells Madison that she has cancer and says that she will die gracefully. Fiona says that she regrets that she has been a bad Supreme and squandered her inheritance. She confesses to Madison that she killed the Annaleigh and urges Madison to do the same. In a struggle with the knife, Fiona cuts Madison’s throat. Behind them is Spalding, watching the entire scene. Fiona smiles at him and tells him to burry her deep.

Fiona says the coven does not need a new Supreme – it needs a new rug.

This episode was all about Fiona and what she will do to stay in power. It is obvious she was planning on killing Madison. You will now see her trying to cover up the murder from the council in the next couple of episodes. You also begin to see another side of Queenie and her personal issues. I believe that she will replace Madison’s character in this storyline. Let me know what you think AHS fans.

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