AOII joins Greek Life

By Bethany Kyle—


This fall, Tarleton welcomes a fifth Panhellenic sorority into campus Greek life, Alpha Omicron Pi. ΑΟΠ welcomed 122 colony members on Sept. 27.

Colonization, and having colony members, means that the organization is newly formed and in a probationary period.

There are 136 chapters of ΑΟΠ across the United States and Canada and five in Texas, including chapters at Tarleton, Texas Woman’s University, Texas Christian University, Sam Houston State University and University of Texas San Antonio, according to the ΑΟΠ website.

ΑΟΠ was chosen to join Tarleton Greek life last semester and began colonization this fall.

AOII welcomed 122 colony members at their Sept. 27 Colonization Ceremony.(Photo courtesy of Mary Faith Erwin)

AOII welcomed 122 colony members at their Sept. 27 Colonization Ceremony.
(Photo courtesy of Mary Faith Erwin)

ΑΟΠ Educational Leadership Consultants Emily Bulkley and Mary Faith Erwin have been overseeing the colonization of AOII and helping to fit the organization into Tarleton’s campus culture.

“One of our founding principles is college loyalty, and that’s obviously something that’s very important here. I’ve never seen a school with so much school spirit and fun little traditions,” Bulkley said, “I hope that they will add to that and bring ΑΟΠ’s own flair.”

Two of the new colony members, junior psychology major Gabby Fierro and junior agriculture extensions major Brittany Kalata, said that the sorority’s philanthropies, the American Juvenile Arthritis Organization and Sisters for Soldiers, had a large impact on joining the organization. Both have family members who have a military background or struggles with arthritis.

Erwin said that as soon as they establish a committee and officers, ΑΟΠ will begin planning philanthropic events.

Aside from philanthropy, Kalata and Fierro noted that the organizations felt like a community, which impacted their decision to join.

“I like that they’re big on sisterhood,” Kalata said.

As colony members, Kalata and Fierro have the opportunity to help shape the organization. The group will be involved in many decisions that will affect ΑΟΠ at Tarleton for years to come.

“It’s a good pressure—you get to create a name… and set expectations for the future members of ΑΟΠ,” Fierro said.

AOII plans on being involved and supporting other organizations in all of the homecoming events, except from Yell Contest this year, and will be participating in Yell Contest starting next year.

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