Appeal to collegiate voters

By Jordan Trumble & Stephanee Rhodes – 

During this 2012 election year, it is vital that more people participate in the voting process. Thinking about the future is one thing, but taking action on personal views is another. College students need to be aware that the future is in our hands. Many students we have encountered state they are not interested in voting and have no desire to take a side; they may even vote simply because their parents or friends favor a candidate.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, statistics show that in ages 18-24, only 28,263 people registered and 12,515 of those people actually voted in 2008. Of the registered non-voters, 18 percent reported that they did not vote due to busy schedules; another 13 percent did not vote because they were uninterested and felt their vote would not make a difference.

Though the 18-24 age group significantly increased in turnout for the 2008 election, we still have the lowest voting rate. This goes to show that even though the statistics increased, our generation is less concerned than older age groups about the presidential debates.

This year, students are conveniently able to register to vote on college campuses. The political organizations on campuses raise voter registration awareness and also help spread awareness about current issues. Early voting starts on October 22nd and is held from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Erath county courthouse.

It is important to be up-to-date on political issues, even though it is not always interesting. As the youngest group of voters, we have historically been the least reliable; but we have the potential to make a large impact. Presidential candidates have taken the initiative to target the younger voters through social media and technologically savvy campaign approaches. The 2012 presidential candidates have targeted young voters by visiting college campuses nationwide.

It is important for campaigns to continue targeting college-aged voters to heighten involvement this year.  Voting is our right. By neglecting our right to vote we give someone else the power of influencing our lives.

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