• C. Fulla and Antoine Banks’ ‘#DopeForever ‘ review (4 out of 5 stars)


    Hip hop has dominated the music charts for the last two decades and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down; Antoine Banks and Cody Fuller, aka C. Fulla, are making sure of that.

     They recently released their first collaborated mixtape under D.O.P.E. (Dreaming of Possessing Everything) Music, and it has been a hot commodity, especially around the central Texas area. The mixtape is that perfect sound for what a lot of people look for when they are out on the town or at a house party. The mixtape has a perfect blend of songs that make you want to get up and dance, and others that make you listen to the lyrics and hear the story the two have to tell. Singer Amanda Colon also appears on the chorus’ of some tracks and she adds a beautiful voice to an already talented pair of vocal artists.

  • Cutting Edge keeping it sharp


    On Halloween, it is traditional to go to a haunted house with your friends. This past Saturday I jumped into my car to find the closest one, which happened to be Cutting Edge in Fort Worth. I have heard non-stop how awesome this place is and how it will keep chill bumps on you the whole time. Three friends and I took the hour and a half trip to check out the place that holds a Guinness world record for its length, and to see how it is rated in the top 13 haunted houses in the U.S.

  • Six Flags packed for Fright Fest


    Six Flags Over Texas is not only crowded in the summer, it’s also popping in Fright Fest season. I had not been there since the 8th grade and wondered if it was still as awesome as I remembered. The weather was perfect for mid-October and the park was incredibly crowded. Excited to experience Six Flags in holiday mode, I was overjoyed immediately and felt 13 again. 

  • Hunewell Haunting


    Students living in Hunewell Annex Residence Halls are experiencing what they consider paranormal activity on the eve of Halloween.

    Kaylee Martelle, a freshman nursing major, said she’s witnessed an invisible something turn off her lights and knock down lamps.

  • College or bust for fourth graders


    Big dreams are brewing in the minds of Stephenville fourth graders as they research and learn about different colleges they want to attend. College Week is part of the curriculum for students throughout the Stephenville Independent School District. At Hook Elementary, staff members are stressing the importance of college and career throughout the year.

  • Tarleton admits 10,000th student


    “Out of all the people, it was me, the Asian kid lol.”

    With that post on Facebook this week, Khanh Do, a Tarleton freshman from Plano, revealed that he has been identified as the university’s 10,000th student.

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