Beans and Franks opens a second location

Sarah Hayner-Associate Producer

The store front of the second Beans and Franks location has outdoor seating. It’s located on Washington Street. Photo by Sarah Hayner.

Beans and Franks, a local coffee shop, opened a second location on Friday in Stephenville on Washington Street or Highway 377 going towards Dublin. The first store, located on Washington Street across from Tarleton, has been open for eight years by owners Jeff and Jodi Weyers.

“We are going to keep both locations. We are not going to close the other one down,” Jeff Weyers said. “The location, over by Tarleton, primarily serves a higher percentage of college students. This new one will act to serve and give access to this side of Stephenville. We still want college students there.”

The shop roasts all its beans in-house, something that makes it distinct from other Stephenville coffee shops.

“Everything is roasted fresh, ground and brewed within four days. A lot of times quicker than that,” Jeff Weyers said.

Beans and Franks is a successful family-owned business. Jeff Weyers credits the success to the employees and giving back to the community.

“I think the success of our business, number one is the employees that we hire. We actually meet friends, and make friends with our employees,” Jeff Weyers said. “We are very local, and we give a lot of donations back to the community. We do with Tarleton, and we are very happy to do it. A lot of times I think that’s what makes a business succeed in a small town is giving back.”

Jodi Weyers says that she wants people to feel like they are at home when they walk into the shop or come through the drive-thru.

Like the first Beans and Franks location, the second also has a drive-thru for customers. Photo by Sarah Hayner.

“For me, one of the goals for Beans and Franks is that I always want people to feel like they are coming into my home when they come into my business,” Jodi Weyers said. “So many people are away from home. I am a mom, it’s one of my biggest passions and callings in life, so hopefully that carries over in the way that we run our business.”

Jodi Weyers hopes Beans and Franks feels like home to customers, and decorations such as these help customers feel at home in the coffee shop. Photo by Sarah Hayner.

Jodi Weyers shared her excitement for the new menu choices that will soon become available.

“This is the first time we have opened a second store, and we know what we are doing, but for the ease of the transition and how we trained our employees, for right now, the menu is going to stay exactly the same,” Jodi Weyers said. “However, in a short amount of time, the menu will start expanding.”

The Weyers are grateful to the Stephenville community and the support they have been given.

“I would like to say thank you for supporting us for the past eight years,” Jodi Weyers said.

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