Big Tex suffers big burns

By Caleb McCaig – 

Around 10:30 a.m. the Texas State Fair’s iconic figure Big Tex erupted in flames. According to Sally Wamre, an official in the public relations office at the State Fair of Texas, “We believe it was started through an electrical short through the right boot. He was wired so he could speak and so his arm could move.”

Wamre added, “The fair was already open when the incident occurred so the sight was apparent to all visitors who were in the Big Tex Circle area, where he is located.”

“We have no idea on the damages from the incident, all that’s left are his two sleeves. What remains is his steel cage, and hands,” Wamre said.

Big Tex was celebrating his fifty-year anniversary at the state fair. “He’s very important to the fair, it’s what people think of when they think of the fair. It’s not a fun day,” Said Wamre.

Some good news from the day however, was that Wamre said, “They will take Big Tex down after awhile and move him to a different area and restore him, in time for the 2013 fair.”

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