Black Lives Matter at Tarleton hosts ‘Spotlight’ event

By Latricia Powell—

Staff Writer

Tarleton State University’s Black Lives Matter hosted their most recent event called ‘Spotlight’ earlier this month. This interactive experience consisted of three sections. Through the first set of doors you entered, there were six different people at separate tables spread out around the room. The tour guide would take a group to each table with a person telling their story of personal discrimination that has happened in their life, or of a story that affected the nation.

After the groups heard the stories, the guides took each group into a room across the hall so that everyone could read all of the signs and posters from the silent protest held by Tarleton’s Black Lives Matter back in September. The Tarleton Black Lives Matter put the signs on display to let everyone read and observe them at their own pace. A Black Lives Matter video played in the background and in the middle of the room there was also a “dead” person of color to add to the effect of the ‘Spotlight.’


The final room the crowd entered, was a discussion room. This is where the groups and the three hosts talked about what everybody saw, how the viewers felt and if there was anything that happened personally that a guest would like to share. In this room, many people conveyed a situation that happened in their life and didn’t realize the discrimination behind it until after going through the ‘Spotlight.’

Later during the event, overseer Renee Warner, introduced guest speaker, Bruce Carter, founder of the organization Black Men for Bernie. He spoke about what the Tarleton Black Lives Matter can do to address the issues that are taking place both locally and afar. He also talked about what we can all do as human beings to stop social injustices from happening.

“Anytime you do not address an issue, that’s a problem,” Carter said.

Warner closed the ‘Spotlight’ and thanked everyone for coming and urged people to take what they learned with them.

“Stay tuned for more. This is just the beginning,” Warner said.


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