Boyd Waggoner

Boyd Waggoner is running for City Council, Place 2.

Boyd Waggoner.Photo courtesy of the Stephenville Empire Tribune.

Boyd Waggoner.
Photo courtesy of the Stephenville Empire Tribune.

What is your current occupation?

I have been a lawyer all of my adult life, and, in addition, have been a rancher in this County since 1993. I am semi-retired from practicing law, and decided a couple of years ago to sell the ranch, and it has been on the market since then. I own a building on the square, and when my ranch sells, intend to remodel it and operate a restaurant on the square.

If applicable, what positions on council have you held before?

I have not been on the council before.

What has motivated you to be involved in city government?

I became particularly interested in 2012, when the facts were that:

1. DECREASE OF POPULATION IN STEPHENVILLE. According to city records, Stephenville, Texas population decreased from 18,160 in 2010 to 17,480 in 2011, a decrease of 680 people, which is almost 4%.


Stephenville High School was downgraded from AAAA to AAA because of the decrease in students from 1,033 in 2010/2011 to 999 in 2012/2013


One of the reasons for the tax increase was the need for our decreasing population to pay a budget which was not decreasing.

All three of the above are facts. The most likely cause of these adverse facts was, in my opinion, faulty management of the City by the City Council and/or the City Staff. Because of those facts and my conclusion, I voted for and campaigned for the election of a new mayor, Kenny Weldon, in 2012, who I thought could solve the problems. His vote margin of victory was 69% for him and 31% for the incumbent mayor, who had served several years during the times mentioned above. Since his election he has had difficulty solving the problems by what I consider to be obstructionist tactics by several members of the City Council. So I chose to run for City Council to try to change the number of what I considered to be obstructionist members of the City Council. Four of them had these same four votes in common, and resulted in the defeat of the below initiatives of Mayor Weldon:

1. Opposed Economic Development by voting down Mayor Weldon’s attempt to retain an Economic Development Coordinator (April, 2013)

2. Voted to raise taxes once again, against Mayor Weldon’s recommendation (September, 2013)

3. Voted to NOT retain a consultant re city employee pay (August, 2013), which would have cost $10,000, which is about 1/10th of one percent of the $9.5 million city payroll. This was ALSO against Mayor Weldon’s recommendation.

In addition, as an example, the poverty level of Stephenville is three times that of Granbury, which has had an Economic Development Coordinator for decades.

It became my opinion that these obstructionist tactics could be changed ONLY by a change in the obstructionist members of the City Council.

What qualifies you to hold this position?

My education and experience. I have degrees in business and law from SMU, have been President of the SMU Law Students Association, Dallas Young Lawyers Association, Dallas Trial Lawyers Association, been voted a “Super Lawyer” in Texas by Texas lawyers. And I have managed a law firm and ranch for decades.

What are your goals upon being elected?

Basically the same as those of Mayor Weldon, which are:

1. Improve Stephenville economy

2. Improve the quality of life of residents of Stephenville

3. Keep taxes as low as possible, probably through intelligent growth of the economy

Why would/should a Stephenville resident want to vote for you?

Because I would change the makeup of the City Council from an obstructionist entity to a progressive City Council, that sought good growth and better facilities for the citizens of Stephenville, higher incomes and reduced cost of living, as indicated by my thoughts about the recent history of the City and my plans for the City, which are similar to the plans of Mayor Weldon.

As a more personal question, what do you find yourself doing in your spare time?

Reading, often about such matters as history, politics, psychology, and sports, and attending sporting events, such as football and basketball. I was a varsity football player for SMU long ago, when Don Meredith was quarterback and I was one of his receivers. He became an All -American at SMU, then quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, and was voted the NFL “Player of the Year” in one of his last years in the NFL.