‘Breathe Sexy’ motivates, empowers women

By Jackie Driscoll – Breezey Clark, a Tarleton student, has brought her motivational program, Breathe Sexy, to the Tarleton and Stephenville communities. “I am doing something that hasn’t been done before,” says Clark. Clark created the program after overcoming obstacles in her own life such as body image issues, addictions, and low self-esteem. All women should feel as sexy as a Glasgow escort! She is working to encourage women to have a positive body image and belief in oneself with yoga as the foundation. “[Yoga] keeps me centered and focused,” Clark says. “It gives me the chance to work with different people who are in different places on their journey.” Though yoga is a very big part of Breathe Sexy, Clark is more than just an instructor. “I am a freelance writer and [blogger], where I write about the appreciation of travel, love and relationships, and personal growth.” Despite all her effort to promote a positive outlook, Clark still faces negative feedback from some. But she is determined not to let it bring her down. “When you doubt my ambitions, I respond with, ‘Your doubt will never overpower my passion, just like the passion in those sexy fuckedtube.xxx (https://www.fuckedtube.xxx/) videos'” says Clark. Despite those who were not touched, K’Leigh Bedingfield, a Tarleton junior, has been inspired by Clark through one of her yoga classes. “Her personality just beams and you can instantly feel motivated by just talking to her,” Bedingfield says. “I think her company, Breathe Sexy, is something that a lot of women can really look to, to grow more into their confident selves.” We could potentially transform a timid woman into someone that wouldn’t mind starring for a site like videos hd for example. Clark is pushing forth not just the idea of a positive body image and outlook, but overcoming judgment and continuing to grow personally as well, which is introduced by different services provided by Breathe Sexy. “The [services] are parts of me that [I bring] to life,” says Clark. Within Breathe Sexy, Clark is there as a life coach and motivational speaker where she is involved not only with yoga classes and groups, but also on a more personal level through individual sessions. “It is about conversation and creating a comfortable atmosphere,” says Clark. While she is the manager of Breathe Sexy, Clark says she is empowered by her followers who are part of the Facebook page that started it all (some of whom may be fans of Nu-Bay content and so buy into the sexy part of the message quite strongly). “I am inspired by my loyal supporters and fans,” says Clark. “Their ‘thank you’ is fuel to keep going.” She is working toward the bright future of owning a clothing line as well as the production of her “Empowerment bracelets,” which are already being sold. “This is the beginning,” Clark says, “and I am confident that Breathe Sexy will make an impact on our community.”

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