C. Fulla and Antoine Banks’ ‘#DopeForever ‘ review (4 out of 5 stars)

Caleb McCaig

Texan News Service

Hip hop has dominated the music charts for the last two decades and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down; Antoine Banks and Cody Fuller, aka C. Fulla, are making sure of that.

 They recently released their first collaborated mixtape under D.O.P.E. (Dreaming of Possessing Everything) Music, and it has been a hot commodity, especially around the central Texas area. The mixtape is that perfect sound for what a lot of people look for when they are out on the town or at a house party. The mixtape has a perfect blend of songs that make you want to get up and dance, and others that make you listen to the lyrics and hear the story the two have to tell. Singer Amanda Colon also appears on the chorus’ of some tracks and she adds a beautiful voice to an already talented pair of vocal artists.

The first track, “Hallelujah,” sets the tone for the entire mixtape. It has a great beat that anyone who enjoys moving around on the dance floor would get up for. The third song, “Faded,” is another one that has a club beat; the lyrics in the chorus especially are extremely catchy and probably will quickly catch on with fans.

Unlike the first four tracks on the mixtape, a slow jam finally makes an appearance. “Ready” gives the listeners a great taste of what kind of potential Colon has in the singing industry. With this slower track, you catch yourself really focusing on the words of the entire song.

Once into this part of the mixtape, the listener will probably be reminded of Mac Miller.  He also has a perfect blend of party songs and meaningful ones that require listening to the entire story that he’s trying to tell.

The eighth track, “Rocky Balboa,” is probably going to be the single on the mixtape, if one had to guess from hearing it through for the first time. The beat is definitely one of a kind and was made for blaring through your car speakers; the lyrics grab your attention immediately.

Once the listener gets to track number ten, he or she will hear a song they may remember from Fuller’s last mixtape, “Alter Ego.” The song “No Sleep” is a great blend of lyrics and a great story about having a good time. With this album Fuller absolutely goes out there and tells everybody that he is in this business to have fun. It almost sounds biographical: the story of what Fuller’s life has been like since he began to chase the dream of making it in the hip hop game. The last three tracks on the mixtape probably will not make any fan’s favorite top ten, but they do wind it down well. They don’t leave the listener asking for more, but you get to hear a well polished demonstration of Fuller’s and Banks’ lyrical talents.

This mixtape will likely do wonders for getting these musicians noticed; however, as underground artists in Austin, Texas, their audience is somewhat limited. Their lyrics and the style of the songs they perform, like Mac Miller, are more about the younger scene and partying on the weekend. The mixtape’s lyrics are explicit and could offend more sensitive listeners. It is not recommended for children. If you can overlook the crude language and the college party scene, or if you fit that scene perfectly, then definitely check these guys out!

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