Caam’s Restaurant brings unique style to Stephenville

By Mekenzie Garza-

Multimedia Journalist

When you pull up to Caam’s Restaurant, a sign on the building reads, “We Mermaid For Each Other.”

Owners Kayleigh and Jann Caamano describe their new eatery as “beach front, vibrant, different and unique.”

A patio on the side of the building is adorned with hanging lights and brown, pink, and blue shiplap.

“This building has history and character,” said Kayleigh.

The teal-colored bar and chalk drawings on the wall create the beach-front theme Kayleigh and Jann wanted for the restaurant. Opening Oct. 18, Caam’s is bringing Neapolitan pizza, Cuban-style sandwiches and specialty alcoholic beverages to Stephenville.

“I don’t know of anywhere in town where you can sit and watch your pizza be made right in front of you and tossed into a 1,000-degree oven that you can feel from sitting in here,” said Kayleigh.

“If the dough is soft, it’s not soggy,” she added. “It’s supposed to be like that. If it has black spots around the edges, it’s not burnt, it’s cooked next to a 1,000-degree flame.”

Caam’s pizzas are cooked next to a 1,000 degree flame.
Photo courtesy of Caam’s Facebook.

Kayleigh said the traditional Cuban sandwich consists of pernil, which is slow-roasted pork, sliced ham, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard on Cuban bread that is pressed.

“We will serve ours with French fries, or you can substitute the fries for tostones, which are double-fried plantains. Jann is Puerto Rican and plantains are a staple over there,” Kayleigh said.

Starting the building process roughly two years ago, Kayleigh and Jann also worked full-time jobs. They have done all the work themselves.

“It’s worth it being what we want,” said Jann.

Kayleigh and Jann moved from the Austin area and saw the need for something more modern and different in Stephenville. They wanted to build something for the community and Tarleton students.

With 11 beers on tap, specialty cocktails and fresh fruit drinks, Kayleigh and Jann are also bringing in different craft beers you can’t get anywhere else in Stephenville. Since the servers will have undergone a specialist responsible service of alcohol course, they will have all of the knowledge necessary to not only provide customers with the best drinks and concoctions on the market, but they will also know all of the legal requirements behind it, ensuring their location is permitted to sell such beverages. As it turns out, this is a good thing, as some of the alcohol Caam’s will be selling are from different breweries in Austin.

“We have to physically go pick them up. They do not deliver out here or have distribution out here,” said Jann.

“Our cocktail menu is also a big deal to us, and we have to put a lot of thought and work into making sure each cocktail is unique, fresh and reasonably priced,” added Kayleigh.

Kaleigh and Jann aim for the freshest food to satisfy their customers.

“The food we serve will be fresh. For our Neapolitan style pizza, we make the dough here. We proof the dough here in house. Same thing with the drinks. We make a lot of the ingredients we use in our drinks,” said Jann.

“Our main entrees are the pizzas and Cubans, but we will also have a handful of salads as well as a dessert pizza which is topped with a house-made cream cheese icing and fresh fruit,” Kayleigh added.

Around 20 to 30 positions have already been filled for at Caam’s. Many of the new employees are college students. The cheapest item on the menu is $12.

“We want to make sure our price point always stays reasonable. We don’t want this place to be something people can only come on a special occasion or anniversary,” Kayleigh said.

“This is a business, so money is a focus,” Jann added. “But our focus is giving people what they are really paying for. You should never walk out of here and feel like you just wasted $20 that you worked for.”

Kayleigh and Jann have worked hard to bring a fresh and different vibe to Stephenville.

“Jann and I are really excited for everyone to try what we are bringing to Stephenville and Tarleton,” Kayleigh said.

The outside of Caam’s.

Caam’s is located at 223 East College St. It will be open from 11am-11pm Tuesday through Thursday, 11am-12am Friday and Saturday, 11am-7pm on Sunday, and closed on Monday. To contact Caam’s, call (254) 265-8001. For more updates and information, follow Caam’s Restaurant on Facebook or visit their website at

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