Car fire grabs Marine vet’s attention in Tarleton Center parking lot

By Caleb Shaffer—

Multimedia Journalist

Around 10:40 a.m. on Friday, yelling could be heard in the parking lot behind the Tarleton Center on the Tarleton State University campus. Marine veteran, Juan Garcia was in his supervisor’s office when he hear the noises. He ran into the hallway, grabbed a fire extinguisher and went to the parking lot.

“There were two individuals by the car, one male, and one female,” Garcia said. “I put myself in between them and pulled flaming materials out of the car. We were able to stomp out the flames, so the extinguisher wasn’t necessary.”

Garcia is a Veteran Benefits Specialist at the Veteran’s Service Center in the Tarleton Center.

This is an ongoing story. Texan News will update the story when more information becomes available.

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