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Christmas at Tarleton

By Ryan Hillstrom— Guest Writer Tarleton State University is known for its many traditions ranging from homecoming week activities to the Purple Poo. With the weather getting colder and Christmas approaching, Tarleton’s holiday traditions...


Date Night in Hico

By Megan Ables—  Staff Writer  Living in Stephenville, it’s hard to absorb a romantic evening out on the town settling with a cheeseburger from Chili’s. Couples are often forced to enjoy a night in due to the city’s lack of upscale dining. Few are aware that...


Are Tarleton students becoming aliterate?

By Blayre Harrison—  Guest Writer  Tarleton State University, like many university campuses, faces the issue of aliteracy – the state of people who know how to read, but choose not to.   The lack of interest in reading is becoming more and more common in young...