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End of semester stress 

By Ryli Pruitt—  Guest Writer  With finals right around the corner, many college students out there are already feeling the pressure.    Whether the focus is on maintaining a certain GPA, studying, work, social lives, family...


Date Night in Hico

By Megan Ables—  Staff Writer  Living in Stephenville, it’s hard to absorb a romantic evening out on the town settling with a cheeseburger from Chili’s. Couples are often forced to enjoy a night in due to the city’s lack of upscale dining. Few are aware that...


Photo Essay: Texan Top Out

Outdoor Pursuits at Tarleton State University held it’s first annual “Texan Top Out,” a rock climbing competition. The winners were: 1st Place Male- James Polasek  2nd Place Male- Mason Wrobel  1st Place Female- Melissa Ortiz   2nd Place Female- Francesca Jackson