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Students start campus prayer group to bring ministries together

Every other Friday morning a group of students meet at the bandstand in Heritage Park to pray together. The prayer group was started by Lexie Miller, a junior Digital Media major, and Brittany Felch, a junior Public Relations and Event Management major. They formed the idea while trying to think of a way for the different campus ministries at Tarleton to come together


Frazier to give ‘Last Lecture’ on Tuesday

“Life is full of surprises and we only need to open our eyes, minds and hearts to see what is there. We need to be open to the unexpected and treasure the journey that God has given us,” Frazier explained. “…It will be fun, entertaining and full of raw emotion. Let’s face it, if this was really my last lecture then there are some things that I want to remind people and we are going to go over that list.”

Emily Jones McCoy, the woman who does it all 0

Emily Jones McCoy, the woman who does it all

Hannah Mabry– Guest Writer Emily Jones McCoy is a master of the balancing act. She is a wife, mother and sidelines reporter for the Texas Rangers. She cofounded Posh Play, a company that creates...


The diploma at the end of the tunnel

By Lorynne Benavides—  Copy Editor  Dear Seniors, it’s your last year. For some of you, it’s your last semester as an undergrad student. Some of you feel confident. Some of you feel prepared for the future. Some of you have even...


“Living Proof” Album Review: State Champs

By Chris Gibbens— Multimedia Journalist New York Pop-Punk outfit State Champs are back for another outing representing Pure Noise Records, this time with their album “Living Proof” which was released June 15. State Champs...