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Professors share their student pet peeves

“I really don’t like it when students have an excuse,” Hinson said. “I’d rather them just to be honest. If you overslept, just say you overslept. Don’t tell me that your car died, the dog died or some other reason that just doesn’t sound plausible. Just be honest. If you miss class, I’d rather just know that you were tired that day and didn’t want to come to class, rather than you had to do something else.”


Opinion: My trip to the Middle East

While the Middle East was different, I loved my experience and made incredible friends who I hope to see again. I learned more about myself and a rich, new culture that taught me how to host and be hosted. I strongly encourage people to travel because it opened my eyes to new ideas and showed me my misconceptions about other cultures.

Funky Munky Shaved Ice comes to Stephenville 0

Funky Munky Shaved Ice comes to Stephenville

By Makenzie Plusnick— Opinion Editor Funky Munky Shaved Ice is opening soon in Stephenville. Funky Munky, which already has two stores in Weatherford and Mineral Wells, will be located at Southern Honey boutique on...

My Yoga Experience 0

My Yoga Experience

By Rachel LaCroix Associate Producer I walked into an evening yoga session feeling stressed about the day, stressed about school and stressed about life in general. The Senior Citizens Center isn’t exactly the place...

The Public Health Program Celebrates National Public Health Week 0

The Public Health Program Celebrates National Public Health Week

By Makenzie Plusnick— Opinion Editor  Tarleton is celebrating National Public Health Week beginning on Monday, April 1. Events put on by Tarleton’s Public Health program will be happening around campus throughout the week, including...