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Opinion: My trip to the Middle East

While the Middle East was different, I loved my experience and made incredible friends who I hope to see again. I learned more about myself and a rich, new culture that taught me how to host and be hosted. I strongly encourage people to travel because it opened my eyes to new ideas and showed me my misconceptions about other cultures.


9/11 reporter tells his story

Bryan Glazer, current President and Executive Producer for World Satellite Television News and Media Relations, was a contributing correspondent for CNN in New York at the time of the attacks. Glazer tells how he came upon the tragic event and reported it.


Letter from the Editor: #METOO is a movement for everyone

By Quanecia Fraser—  Editor-In-Chief  The recent increase in sexual harassment allegations is creating dialogue among more people each day. Celebrities are speaking out for the victims of predators like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey. Political commentators are expressing their opinions about accusations of politicians accused of sexual assault. On social...