Chancellor John Sharp visits Tarleton

By Alyssa Winn – 

A rare but welcomed visit from Chancellor John Sharp pumped up faculty and staff during the General Assembly Thursday afternoon.

The General Assembly takes place annually during the beginning of the school year. Tarleton President Dominic Dottavio presented a speech to faculty and staff about Tarleton’s recent accomplishments, visions, goals and expectations. Dottavio also expressed thanks to faculty and staff members who have strived to enhance the Tarleton student experience and encourage students to reach their scholastic and personal goals.

Chancellor John Sharp says Tarleton is a great asset to the Texas A&M University system.  (Alyssa Winn, Texan News Service)

Chancellor John Sharp says Tarleton is a great asset to the Texas A&M University system.
(Alyssa Winn, Texan News Service)

The Tarleton State University band performed several songs including the national anthem and Tarleton’s school song to start off the General Assembly.

Dottavio talked about how excited he was for this year, “This is a year and a time to celebrate.”

After a quick introduction, Dottavio gave the stage to Chancellor Sharp.

Sharp pointed out that Tarleton is an asset to the Texas A&M system because of how Tarleton prepares their students for the work force.

After Sharp’s speech Dottavio took the stage once again to discuss Tarleton’s goals.

The first goal Dottavio presented was academic innovation. “Look at all the construction on campus,” he said mentioning the enhancements of the Dick Smith Library, O.A. Grant Humanities Building, Clyde H. Wells Fine Arts Center, as well as other locations.

The second goal mentioned was student transformation. Dottavio wants academic achievement from Tarleton student but also wants them to experience personal growth through Tarleton, but more importantly through life. Dottavio mentioned programs such as the aeronautical team and their recent success in the international collegiate CanSat competition and the newly implemented Intern 2 Learn program.

Dottavio listed distinctive engagement as his third goal. Dottavio stressed that communication outside of Tarleton helps promote and represent the university. He also mentioned Ted Ford, an Associate Professor in Agriculture Services and Development, and talked about how Ford has gone above and beyond by hosting FFA competitions here at Tarleton. The competitions have outreached to thousands of high school students each year.

The fourth and final goal Dottavio mentioned for Tarleton was exemplary service. Tarleton has several programs that offer service to others, such as T.R.E.A.T which is an equine assisted therapy program that allows Tarleton students to help kids with physical and or mental disorders on horseback.  Dottavio urged the faculty and staff to strive to create and continue more programs that students can be involved in to help others in the community.

Dottavio wrapped up his speech by talking about the new, and biggest, freshman class in Tarleton’s history. “We have an opportunity to change thousands and thousands of students,” he said. He then added on how the new class is the most spirited class he has ever seen and is excited to see the accomplishments of  the class of 2017 in the future. “We want our students to get and earn a degree and to fulfill their dreams.”

Alyssa Winn is a senior Agriculture Communications student from Fort Worth, Texas. She currently serves as the Executive Producer for Texan TV News. 

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