Changes coming to financial aid

By Danielle Bean—

The Tarleton Center is undergoing renovations that would make it a one-stop shop for all registration and housing needs. The building currently houses the offices for Scholarships, Financial Aid, Residential Living and Learning, and Texan card services, along with several offices within other departments.

Dr. David Weissenburger, associate vice president of enrollment management, said that the new renovations feature “some really cool initiatives,” and that “all this is really meant to improve what we do for our students.”

According to Weissenburger, the renovation project involves creating space for the registrar’s office, the administration offices for enrollment management and the undergraduate admissions office and moving them to the Tarleton Center from the Administration Building.


Caution tape marks renovations at the Tarleton Center.
(Rachel Peoples, Texan News Service)

The Military Veterans Services Center will return to the Tarleton Center from its temporary home in the Thompson Student Center as well. This change will also have other offices moving into the spaces in the Administration Building from where the offices were previously located.

These renovations include an information desk that would provide students with guidance as to which office they need to speak to within the building. An ATM and a cafe will be available in the Tarleton Center by the fall.

In addition, the renovations include a floor plan that would make communication between these offices simpler and would give students more ease of access. Existing offices will be affected by

The new director of the Financial Aid department, Donna Hartmann-Turner, said she is excited about the new renovations and the possibilities they open up for her department.

“I am looking forward to help make our one-stop shop a success in providing timely and accurate financial aid information to those we serve,” she said. “I hope to bring to Tarleton students a place where they feel welcome and can get answers to their financial aid questions in a timely and comprehensive manner. I want Tarleton students to leave our financial aid office knowing that their questions have been addressed and that they felt valued in the process.”

Current estimates call for construction to be completed by the end of April. The offices will begin to move in after graduation this semester.

Additional reporting done by Katie Gibbs.

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