Check out Take a Paws to ease the stress of finals

By: Nicholas Ratcliff 

Multimedia Journalist 

Tarleton State University’s Pre-Veterinary Medical Association is hosting their annual Take a Paws event this Thursday, Nov. 19, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in front of the Trogdon house on campus.  

Look for this banner outside the Trogdon house to signal where Take a Paws is taking place.
Photo courtesy of the Pre-Veterinary Medical Association.

During this event, dogs from the Erath County Human Society (ECHS) will be hanging out by the Trogdon house for students to come and play with them to ease their stress during finals. These dogs are hand-selected by officers from the pre-vet club and ECHS, who are happy to let the dogs out for some stress reliving playtime.  

Tarleton students are encouraged to come play with these animals and will also be able to buy a Take a Paws shirt for $15 or two for $25. All proceeds raised by T-shirt sales are donated back to the ECHS so they can continue to provide these dogs with a safe home.  

Take a Paws started in the fall of 2019 when the president of the Pre-Veterinary Medical Association at that time, Michaela Aguirr, had the idea to partner with the local shelter. During their first event, over $300 was raised for the ECHS after more than 300 students attended and donated money. 

Lilly Johnson the current vice president of the Pre-Veterinary Medical Association stated that, “This event has three purposes. The first is to allow college students to take a break from the stresses of college and allow them to play with the dogs. For a lot of college students this is their first time away from their family and pets, which can be challenging. We hope this event can calm them down and hopefully give them that extra push to finish the semester out strong. The second purpose is to give the dogs a chance to be seen by that public to increase their chances of getting adopted. Last year almost every dog at our event was adopted the week following the event. Lastly, we use this event to raise money to donate to the Erath County Humane Society. During the event we will be taking donations as well as selling shirts to raise money to help ECHS buy the necessary supplies needed to keep the animals at their facility happy and healthy.” 

Students who are interested in helping with this event should follow their social media @erath_humane_society, where each week the society posts a list of supplies that they need. Also, any student who is interested in joining the Pre- Veterinary Medical Association should contact them through  

Johnson and her team are looking forward to this year’s event. 

“Take a Paws is a win for everyone! Students enjoy time playing with and loving on the dogs, the dogs love the opportunity to play and have a chance to find their forever homes and the Erath County Humane Society benefits from the funds generated by the event. Everyone wins; it’s a pawsome event,” Johnson said.  

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