Cutting Edge keeping it sharp

By Trevor Peele

Texan News Service

On Halloween, it is traditional to go to a haunted house with your friends. This past Saturday I jumped into my car to find the closest one, which happened to be Cutting Edge in Fort Worth. I have heard non-stop how awesome this place is and how it will keep chill bumps on you the whole time. Three friends and I took the hour and a half trip to check out the place that holds a Guinness world record for its length, and to see how it is rated in the top 13 haunted houses in the U.S.

When we got close to the haunted house, we hit traffic — everyone was looking for a place to park (which cost $10). After 20 minutes in line, we finally parked about half a mile away. All we could see walking toward the haunted house is the crazy amount of people and cars scattered everywhere. I thought I was at a Dallas Cowboys tailgate. After finding our way to the big yellow “Ticket” sign (cash only at the doors, credit card accepted online), we then stepped into a massive line that zigzags back and forth underneath a big tent for what seemed like forever. The two-hour line really didn’t seem that bad considering that music was playing and every now and then scary characters would try and frighten us. If you go with friends, it’s not nearly as bad waiting for that long. 

Finally, our group of four and a few others (they send in groups of eight) were signaled toward the main entrance. When we walked into the building it was pitch black, then lights appeared and someone jumped out at us revving a chainsaw in our faces. They have just about anything and everything to scare you. It ranges from the actors and actresses grabbing you and screaming, to many objects falling and popping up in every direction. It seemed like every 20 feet had a different setting and the characters to go with it. As we were walking, we went from a hospital scene, through a forest, then through a closet, finally finding ourselves facing a screaming clown. There were also different scenes and characters from movies such as Jason, Freddy Krueger, Scream and many more. One of the draw-backs was that our group caught up to the group who entered the haunted house ahead of us, and soon we were standing in another line, but time went by fairly quickly. The very end was the best part. We wound our way through a maze in the pitch black, and a voice mimicking a character from the movie Saw said “Let’s play a game.” The object was to find our way out through the right door and get our money back. I personally just wanted out and found the closest door possible.

The round trip there and back was three hours, standing in line took two hours, and the walk through the whole house was an hour and 45 minutes. It was a seven hour day and we spent about $50 each for gas and the ticket. Let’s just say I’ll be a regular now on Halloween. During the weekday would be the best time, as there will still be a wait, but not nearly as long. The owners and operators really worked well with the execution of dealing with people inside and out. There was never a dull moment for me, while waiting in line or walking through; I was always scared. It may seem like a long wait and some may think it is a waste of time; but it’s definitely worth the time, the wait and the scare. I’d give it 4 and a half stars out of 5.

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