Director of welcome center says tour numbers not affected by LJT

By Ansley Bartley – 

Three years ago many high school students came to tour Tarleton State University during Larry Joe Taylor’s Music Festival week that way they had an excuse for school.

The past two years, The Larry Joe Taylor Festival has not affected the percentage of students coming to tour Tarleton, according to Laurie Gaiser, director of the Welcome Center.

(Megan Kramer, Texan News Service)

(Megan Kramer, Texan News Service)

Jeremy DeLorge, a Texan Tour Guide and junior at Tarleton, said that on average they have “about 90 kids a week” come in for tours. Tours “run Monday through Friday at 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.” and tourists can also reserve individual tours, according to

Everyone in the Welcome Center agreed that this time of the year is the busiest. Gaiser said she thinks that the high school students are trying to use up their college days before it is too late.

Monday and Friday are the busiest days in the Welcome Center because it is easier for parents to take off for a three-day weekend. LJT week “is no different” than any other time, according to Gaiser.

Workers in the Welcome Center mentioned how easy it is to spot high school students coming in from LJT because of the wristbands.

Gaiser said that because tours last two to two and a half hours, the high school students feel like they are missing something at the music festival during that time. Gaiser said there are “no ties” between the Welcome Center and LJT.

Ansley Bartley is a public relations and event management sophomore at Tarleton State University.

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