Dottavio appoints Campus Carry Council in wake of new law

By Bethany Kyle—


Tarleton is forming a committee to help decide how the campus will handle the passing of Senate Bill 11, better known as the campus carry law.

This new law allows students with Concealed Handgun Licenses (CHL) to carry their firearms on campus.

A student who wished to remain anonymous shows a photographer her gun at an off-campus location. "I want the right to protect myself," she said.  (Photo Illustration by Justin Brundin)

A student who wished to remain anonymous shows a photographer her gun at an off-campus location. 
(Photo Illustration by Justin Brundin)

A school-wide email from the president’s office was sent out Aug. 26. It noted that, under the bill, universities can determine how the law will be implemented on their campus based on that campus’ specific needs or concerns.

In the email, President Dottavio announced that Campus Carry Council is responsible for coming up with a recommend a plan for how Tarleton will implement concealed carry on campus by Dec. 1.

From there, the recommendation will be submitted to Tarleton’s Executive Cabinet, and then Tarleton will submit its plan to the Texas A&M University System for approval from the Board of Regents.

Tarleton’s chief of police, Matt Welch, plans to bring a law enforcement perspective to the committee but thinks the impact of the law will be minimal overall, as most students living on campus are under the legal age to have a CHL (21).

“I will be curious to see the differences of opinion brought forth by the committee and how our finished product looks in comparison to other peer institutions,” Welch said.

The entire list of members of the committee are: Harry Battson, Assistant Vice President for Marketing & Communications, Division of Advancement & External Relations, Dr. Keith Emmert, President-Elect of the Faculty Senate, Dr. Javier Garza, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management, Division of Academic Affairs, Mr. Troy Jones, Assistant Athletic Director, Dr. Brittany Rodriguez, Assistant Professor, Department of Criminal Justice, Dr. Kim Rynearson, Assistant Vice President for Outreach and Off-Campus Programs, Mr. Bobby Waddell, Director of Residential Living and Learning, Division of Student Life, and Matt Welch, Director of University Police, as well as representatives from the student body, Student Government Association, an alumnus, and a parent.

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