Dottavio sends email about Ebola concern

By Katy Tonkin—

Tarleton is currently monitoring the Ebola situation as it continues. A campus-wide email that was sent yesterday from the president’s office read, “Although the Ebola virus is said not to be airborne at this time, Student Health Director, Bridgette Bednarz recommends that students exercise the same hygiene precautions as in avoiding other infectious diseases, such as the flu.”

Tarleton has procedures in place in case a break out were to happen as a part of its emergency management plan. According to an email from Harry Battson, Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Communications, there was a concern brought to Health Services. “The President’s Office received a note from a concerned student and, in speaking with Student Health Services and Risk Management, we decided to issue a general statement to the university community,” he told Texan News. He also notes that event though the threat is decreasing, it is still an issue that needs to be addressed.

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