Election Day Photo Gallery

Signs welcome voters to exercise their right to vote and then enjoy an Election Day lunch or dinner. Photo by Emilee Jackson

Photo of journalism student Caitlin Cox with her media badge at the Erath County Courthouse. Photo by Caitlin Cox

People were eager to show off their “I voted” stickers.
Photo by Stephane Sanchez.

The Erath County Courthouse prepares for the arrival of voters early Tuesday morning. Photo by Bobbi York.

A man heads into the courthouse to vote. Photo by Deandre Hogg

A sign directs voters into the courthouse. Photo by Bobbi York

Voters emerged from the courthouse to find a volunteer had brought pizza for people who took off to vote on their lunch hour. Photo by Alex Huerta

Brittany Knowles not only made time to vote today, she also handed out pizza for voters coming to cast their vote on their lunch break. She said she just “…wanted to make sure nobody went home hungry.” Photo by Ryli Pruitt

Texan News reporter Mekenzie Garza and the most popular woman at the courthouse, Brittany Knowles, the volunteer who brought boxes of pizza for people who voted on their lunch hours. Photo by Emilee Jackson

Texan News reporter Rachel LaCroix interviews John Wooley, Erath County’s facilities director. When asked why people should vote, he responded, “It’s your voice in the government….It’s my opportunity to have a voice in my political party. It’s the most important thing you can do.” Photo by Hannah Mabry

Texan News reporters Rachel LaCroix (left) and Hannah Mabry take a break from interviewing voters and a selfie on Election Day.

Robyn (right) and Tanner Ballew said they never saw such strong voter turnout before. Photo by Ryli Pruitt

Election Day started out gray and chilly, but by afternoon turned sunny and warm. Photo by Alex Huerta

A truck sports Republican bumper stickers. Photo by Chandler Collums

Stephane Sanchez (left) interviewed by Texan News reporter Brittany Upshaw.

The scene at the courthouse as the polls opened Tuesday morning. Photo by Bobbi York

Voters exit the Erath County Courthouse after casting ballots in the midterm election. Photo by Morgan Burke

Two voters make their way into the county courthouse. Photo by Loida Albarez

A proud voter displays a sticker. Photo by Loida Albarez

A sandwich board directs voters to a polling place. Photo by Chandler Collums

In the small community of Selden, election workers (left to right) James Schick, Sandra Francis and Donna Bonnet wait for more voters at the Selden Community Center. Photo by Madelyn McKenzie

A voting machine is ready to go at the Selden Community Center. Photo by Madelyn McKenzie

A “Vote Here” sign welcomes voters to cast ballots at the Selden Community Center. Photo by Madelyn McKenzie

Newman Hall located on Washington Street was among the polling places open on Election Day. Photo by Kylee Newman

A voter who preferred to stay anonymous shows off his “I Voted” sticker after casting his ballot on Election Day. Photo by Kylee Newman

Campaign signs lined up outside the county annex polling place in Dublin. Photo by Loida Albarez

The Texas and American flags wave side by side at the courthouse. Photo by Alexis Brown

The Erath County Courthouse as night falls and voting comes to an end. Photo by Makenzie Plusnick

Signs were posted letting citizens know where to vote.
Photo by Stephane Sanchez.

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