English Department hosts the fourth annual English and Languages week

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The English Department is hosting their fourth annual English and Languages this week.
Graphic courtesy of the English and Languages Department.

The English Department is hosting their fourth annual English and Languages Week at Tarleton State University Sept.16-20. The department hopes the presentations and speakers inform others of the importance and versatility of a language degree.

A new event is held each day from 2-3 pm and will offer freebies such as shirts, journals and food. The events will be held in Room 118 in the O.A. Grant Humanities building. The events are open to everyone on campus and admission is free. Attendance slips will also be available.

Multiple professors, as well as students, from the English Department will be speaking. Presenters will discuss a variety of topics such as scholarships, the interdisciplinary nature of language and the importance of learning a foreign language and studying abroad.

Assistant Professor Dr. Katrina Hinson coordinates all the events for English and Languages Week. Tarleton began hosting these events four years ago because Hinson felt the department needed a way to “showcase the diversity of the department and the growth in the disciplines.” She also feels students will learn more in an informal setting as opposed to a classroom.

The English Department hopes to illustrate the range of careers available to those with a major or minor in English or other language. Language skills are beneficial in business as it provides an opportunity in global business, but it also exposes speakers to different cultures and patterns of behaviour. It’s no surprise that so many businesses are starting to discover business language tutoring for employees. Multilingualism bridges gaps between cultures and builds stronger personal relationships, which great business relationships rely upon.

“Students get a chance to see that there is much more to being an English major than what they might imagine,” Hinson explained. “English studies as a discipline encompasses literature, rhetoric, composition, linguistics, technical writing and creative writing, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can teach in K-12, two year colleges, universities, or you can work in business, industry, healthcare, computer technology, law…”

Hinson says that she feels it is important to host events like this because they “show our depth and breadth as a department and what we bring to campus community.”

“I wanted to show students the importance of the study of English and languages, not just in terms of the classroom, but also in all of the other ways the study of English and languages can be utilized through the experiences of alumni who had earned their English or language degree from Tarleton,” Hinson said. “I wanted to show students that English majors can do more than study literature or teach … but that they could also have jobs in business, health-care, law, et cetera. I also wanted to show other faculty the same thing––there is more to having an English degree than what people sometimes think.”

Hinson added that she would like the audience to gain new knowledge of what it means to study a language and recognize the benefits that a language degree can offer.

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