Entomology labs held at Southwest Regional Dairy Center

By Briley Garrett – 

Where there are cows there are flies.

Dr. David Kattes, a professor at Tarleton State, taught his entomology labs at the Dairy Center this past semester. He said the Dairy Center is the optimal place for facilitating his labs, simply because it is prime habitat for flies and other insects.

Kattes said that being able to evaluate the flies in their natural habits and have access to other insects has been very beneficial for his students, especially for his student researchers.

The Southwest Regional Dairy Center facilitated about five classes this semester. Dr. Barry Lambert, director of the Southwest Regional Dairy Center, said those five classes alternated between teaching in the classroom, labs, and outside of the facility.

The Dairy Center has one class room, which holds 50 students, two labs that each hold 15 students, and six offices. The classroom at the Dairy Center is fully equipped, and has the same technology capability as the classrooms on campus. Lambert said the labs currently do not have the technology installed, however they are wired for it.

Integrating education, research, and outreach into the facility, helps Kattes see that the cost of the Center was well worth the investment. He said the fact that “the Center is not just limited to Tarleton students, but to the community and producers as well.”

Kattes said he typically holds his lectures on campus and facilitates his labs at the Dairy Center, due to the limited classroom space at the Center. Kattes and Lambert said they take into consideration the students and their schedules, and arrange classes and labs accordingly.

Kattes said the Southwest Regional Dairy Center is the most modern dairy in the region. He would like to see more research on fly control so the Dairy Center could share its finding with surrounding dairies because they are dealing with the same problems.

Lambert said he is not looking to add more classes or classrooms at the Dairy Center, but is looking to offer more variety.

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