Farewell Letter – Kaley Dowell

By: Kaley Dowell

Executive Producer

Texan News Service (TNS) has taught me so much since coming onto staff in January of 2020. I have learned how to push through difficult circumstances, take initiative as well as lead and teach those who come after me.

I first started as a multimedia journalist and continued writing stories virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through that, I had to learn how to best conduct interviews online and over the phone.

Kaley Dowell

At the end of that spring semester, most of our staff either graduated or stepped away, so I was quickly promoted to executive producer because I had the most knowledge on broadcasting. As the executive producer, I produced and directed all of our broadcasts. I had to teach myself a lot of the job, but I have enjoyed every minute of working for TNS.

With becoming the executive producer, I had to take initiative to learn everything and lead our staff well to produce broadcasts. Since I was the only one who knew how to run the tricaster board and produce a broadcast, I made it a point to teach others as well. I am confident in the hands of those that will be taking over our broadcasts. My hope is for them to be better than I ever was and take TNS broadcasts to a whole new level.

Getting to focus solely on broadcasts the last two semesters, I realized a love for video production that is continually growing. I love producing, directing, filming and editing videos. With TNS, I got to do all of those.

Graduating in August has been an interesting experience. All summer, I felt like I was already graduated, but still had two classes to finish. My next step is coming onto staff at the Tarleton Baptist Student Ministry (BSM).

I have been involved at the BSM since Spring 2019 and am excited to give back a year after college to continue to love, serve and bring the gospel to Tarleton students. In that job position, I will get to combine my love for Jesus and film production by creating content for the BSM’s social media.

My long-term career goal is to be a film director in Hollywood. God has given me a desire to bring the good news of Jesus to the people of California, including celebrities, and I am going to do just that.

I am extremely grateful for the stamina, leadership, teaching opportunities, friendships and realizations that TNS has given me. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for TNS.

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