‘Finals frenzy’ events offer ways to relieve stress

By Victoria Abowd-

Guest Writer

As the fall semester comes to an end, Tarleton State University students are gearing up for the peak-of-stress season — finals.

It is at this time people ask is ap art history hard? Is English Literature hard? Is Dramatic Arts hard? Well, each subject is individual to each student, and therefore, the level of hardness is reflected in how much work the student puts into the subject whilst also attempting to remain calm and relaxed.

The Dick Smith Library fills with restless students, junk food and study guides for the upcoming week. And, Student Involvement hosts “final frenzy events” to help students cope with the stress that finals bring.

The Dick Smith Library is filled with students diligently studying for final exams that started today. Photo by Rebecca Hernandez.

Senior intern for the Department of Student Involvement, Matt Hill, and the executive team of the Tarleton Activities Board, or T.A.B., works to create stress relievers for students, weeks before finals approach.

“One goal T.A.B. has when creating our finals frenzy events is to offer a fun, yet educational experience for everyone,” said Hill.

The Thompson Student Center partners with T.A.B. to offer students another place to study other than the library. Hill said the team is excited to have the center as “an additional study space to ensure that students have the best opportunity to do well on their exams.”

Matt Hill is encouraging students to participate in the ‘Final Frenzy’ activities for fun and relief from final exam stress. Photo courtesy of Matt Hill’s Instagram account.

While allowing students to cozy up in the chairs of the student center, T.A.B. offers a coffee bar and silent disco in the Student Center to help students during what can be a very stressful time.

Currently, T.A.B. is hosting an Inaugural Duck Hunt. Members of the T.A.B. team hide a purple duck somewhere around campus or a Tarleton property. This allows students to take a break from studying and explore campus to find the hidden purple duck.

“We like this event because it is allowing students to take a fun break but also receive a prize just for wandering our beautiful campus,” said Hill.

Not only is Student Involvement offering stress relievers during the week of finals, it also encourages all students to stop by the office in Room 103 to take advantage of the benefits.

“We have bean bags, TV, couches and Momma T works with us, so how cool is that?” Hill asked.

For more information about how Student Involvement can help you during the week of finals or a place to relax and study, contact Hill at sw_hill@tarleton.edu or visit the office located in the Student Center, Room 103.

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