Finance and administration vice-president candidates announced

By Robert Benton, Texan News Service

The candidates to replace Tarleton State University’s chief financial officer have been winnowed to three, including one name already familiar to the campus.

The finalists are Tye Minckler, vice-president of operations at, Medical College of Wisconsin, Douglas Vinzant, vice-president administration at the, University of Wyoming, and Rickey Richardson, vice-president of institutional advancement at Tarleton.

Each candidate each has about 30-years of experience. In the next step, the candidates are meeting with a search committee this week on campus, then with the president, vice-presidents and other interested parties to narrow the field down to one.

The candidate selected to replace outgoing finance vice president Jerry Graham will inherit an organization with an operating budget of $126 million, including $8.5 million in external research funding, according to the job description posted on the university website.

“Each candidate will arrive the evening before in time to visit with the search committee during dinner, and then is scheduled a full day the following day with various campus groups,” said Karen Murray, university provost and head of the search committee, in an email to faculty and staff. “General sessions will be scheduled for each candidate so that everyone may participate.”

University officials are looking for an individual with 10-years of experience in business or related financial background and substantial experience as an executive with a master’s degree in business administration, accounting or finance.

University President Dominic Dottavio said the successful candidates must understand the university’s history, not just its budget.

“I think that one of the things that is critically important when you select a member of your senior leadership team is you want someone who understands the university from a historical standpoint, understands where we are heading in the future and is a very good match to the personalities that you already have on your leadership team,” said Dottavio.

“The end of the day it is a matter of a person that is going to align with the mission of university and provide the kind of leadership that we would of expect in a significant executive level position at the university,” Dottavio continued. “Someone who is an effective communicator and someone is able to co-operate with all other divisions of the university. Those are going to be important criteria in the selection process, weather the person is inside or outside if they can rise up to those expectations, I think they will be a good candidate.”

At a retirement reception, Dottavio praised Graham for diligently carrying out his duties as federal and state government plot a course on how to fund public higher education.

“We have weathered that storm better than others possibly, better than most,” Dottavio said. “No doubt we have had to tighten our belts and make cuts in specific areas; we have been effective in growing enrolment and developing academic programs and to continue some enhancements to our facilities.”

Reflecting on his 42-year-long Tarleton career, Graham said he’s “been blessed to have the opportunity to attend Tarleton as a student and later spend, almost, my entire working career in support of this great institution. It has given me a good feeling to be a part of and experience first-hand the tremendous growth and overall changes within the University throughout my 42 year timeframe”.

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