Four sexual assaults reported to Tarleton police in 30-day span

Ashley Ford


Edited on Jan. 24 @3:41 p.m.

Since Nov. 15, 2016 there have been four sexual assault cases reported by students according to Tarleton State University’s police crime log. Three of the assaults took place on campus.

On Nov. 15, a sexual assault that occurred on Feb. 23 in Integrity Hall was reported to Title IX. The case is currently being handled by Title IX. Seven days later, another sexual assault was reported to Tarleton police that took place in Hunewell Hall on Nov. 22. This case is currently being investigated by Tarleton’s police.

In December two more sexual assaults were reported back to back on the 14th and 15th. The first case was reported by “CSA,” Campus Security Authority. This means that someone reported the incident but a police report was never filed. This case has been handed over to Title IX to continue the investigation. The location and date of occurrence of this assault is recorded as “unknown” on the police report . The next day, a sexual assault that occurred on Sept. 15 in Legacy Hall was reported. This case is currently open and being investigated by Tarleton police.

Texan News will provide updated information regarding these cases, when available.

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