Granbury tornado devastates Rancho Brazos community

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By K’Leigh Bedingfield, Ryan Cox and Ian Troub – 

In what looked like a scene from Jan de Bont’s movie “Twister,” approximately 97 homes were destroyed in Granbury, Texas, late Wednesday night after an EF4 tornado blew through Hood County.

The tornado ran directly through the Rancho Brazos subdivision in the town, damaging and destroying many homes, while leaving nothing but the foundation behind.

According to Hood County Commissioner, Steve Berry, the majority of the homes in the subdivision were frame-built and modular homes constructed by Habitat for Humanity.

“You’re going to see cars and windows blown out of houses, and you’re going to see things that remind you of what you would see in a third world country and a war in some areas,” Berry said.

Along with the many homes destroyed, six people were left dead and seven more unaccounted for.

“The sad tragedy is that there are six families that will never be able to recover from this. They have lost loved ones,” Berry continued. “We don’t want anyone missed.”

For the seven that are unaccounted for, Hood County Sheriff Deeds and Judge Darrell Cockerham went up in the air by helicopter in search of the missing people, and cadaver dogs were brought in to help with the search.

The tragic site of the Rancho Brazos subdivision included houses completely blown away, personal belongings left behind and vehicles thrown across the entire area, leaving nothing but destruction behind.

News media were transported by Granbury ISD school buses Thursday morning to the Rancho Brazos area, considering the area is still an active crime scene. Sheriff Deeds does not plan to release the area until the propane tanks are secure.

According to Berry, all church organizations met together with Mission Granbury Thursday morning at the American Red Cross shelter to discuss the location and specific needs for donations. According to the Stephenville Empire-Tribune, donation locations include:

  • Stone Water Church, at 911 E. Highway 377 in Granbury
  • People Helping People, off of Highway 377, 306 Kings Plaza for collecting and distributing clothing and bedding.
  • First Methodist Church of Granbury, at 301 Loop 567, who is coordinating all volunteers for relief effort
  • Mission Granbury, at 1310 Weatherford Highway, who is collecting and distributing all monetary donations. Mission Granbury can be contacted at (817) 614-2556. They are in need of personal hygiene items, diapers, formula and blankets.

Written by Editor-in-Chief K’Leigh Bedingfield with additional reporting by Staff Writer Ryan Cox and Executive Producer Ian Troub.

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