Greek Life’s perspective on recruitment through the pandemic

By: Deandre Hogg

Assistant Producer

Greek life is one way to get involved on campus at Tarleton State University. Tarleton offers 18 Inter/national and local affiliated organizations that are composed of more than 900 members.

With the fall semester already started, recruitment for Greek life is getting ready to begin. The Panhellenic Council will kick off with their recruitment Sept. 3 through Sept. 7. InterGreek Council will follow on Sept. 8 and then ended with InterFraternity Council on Sept.14 through Sept.18.

With each Greek organization taking the proper cautions necessary to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, this year’s recruitment week will be no shock to anyone who is rushing. The various fraternities and sororities are turning to hybrid methods of in-person and online/zoom meetings this year to attract Potential New Members (PNMs).

Jordan Fourtner, president of Delta Zeta here at Tarleton has planned out a safe and healthy route for the new members all while keeping the health of everyone involved in mind.

Delta Zeta President Jordan Fourtner poses in a field. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

“This year, we are going to be hosting a virtual recruitment. So instead of in-person conversations and parties, the chapters are sending the PNM videos highlighting our chapter and its values. And in turn, each PNM is sending us a video of themselves, answering a few questions. The second night will be virtual through Zoom conversations, as well as the last night,” Fourtner said.

Even Bid day will be different for both new and returning members.

“For Bid Day, we are requiring temperature checks, providing and requiring masks, requiring social distancing and sanitizing our space. For the semester, we are providing hybrid options for girls that are needing to be a part of the chapter from the safety of their home, while also opportunities for socially distanced in-person activities that abide by the CDC and Tarleton Campus guidelines,” Fourtner said.

Tarleton President of Alpha Omicron Pi Kristina Wadley showed concern about the new members not being able to connect with active members because of technical difficulties that might occur.

Alpha Omicron Pi President Kristina Wadley poses in red. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

“As a chapter, we are worried that making a meaningful connection between active members and the girls going through recruitment might be hindered due to the technological divide. We have tried to add more impactful testimonies throughout our time with these girls. We truly won’t know how the online element of this year’s recruitment will affect those connections until after it is over with,” Wadley said.

Both organizations have seen a bolt of excitement concerning new members signing up to join the respected organizations despite the pandemic thanks to social media. 

Wadley said, “We have utilized social media and duck camp returns as our main source of encouraging girls to sign up for recruitment. From everything I have heard, those that are signed up for recruitment are super excited to go through the process.”

Both give huge praises to their council members for getting everything ready for the big week and everything they have been doing while facing these new challenges brought on by the pandemic.

“Recruitment is always a stressful time as is and then adding a technological aspect to it, definitely adds a level of difficulty to the weekend. However, with all that being said we cannot wait to meet all the lovely girls going through recruitment this year, the bulk of the planning is done from January all the way until Labor Day Weekend. A lot of plans got changed around while Panhellenic was figuring out how to still make recruitment a reality this year. The toughest part of this year’s planning process was the unknown, we couldn’t be provided with clear answers because everything was constantly changing. I try to always adapt and overcome in new and difficult situations but after a while, it becomes mentally exhausting to keep revising and changing plans. Although this was a trying time, my Vice President of Membership Recruitment, Mariah, and I leaned on each other a lot and ensured that we both were doing okay with everything going on,” Wadley said.

At the end of the day, both presidents and organizations are hoping that recruitment week will definitely ease up their focus on what the world and schools facing against this horrible virus.

Wadley ended by saying, “Our girls are so excited to welcome new members into our sisterhood and watch them grow into AOII women. While this won’t erase the global situation, it can help bring some normalness to this unique time for our girls and help us reconnect as sisters.”

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