Guest column: Confidence is the best beauty product

By Jennifer Woolridge-

Guest Columnist

The term self-confidence itself has been overused, making it seem redundant and useless in today’s society. Although I still can be awkward and goofy, I don’t let anyone ruin my newfound self-confidence.

I’ve been hearing loved ones tell me “be confident and trust your instincts” for as long as I can remember. But what is confidence, and how do you obtain it?

Confidence is accepting a compliment, even though you know you didn’t put much effort into styling your hair this morning or choosing which outfit would go well with the weather this morning. Even if you think you’ve done a sloppy job on a project or paper, remember that opinions differ from person to person. Just thank the person who complimented you and move on with your day.

Dwelling on and on about how many spots you have on your face won’t make them go away. Worrying about how much weight you’ve put on since freshman year doesn’t change the fact that you are who you are.

I used to be confident with my appearance. I knew I was curvy, but I liked my weight-it is what I was born to be and I was fine with it, even proud of it. Then all these young people started body-shaming themselves for the most ridiculous flaws, and I felt the need to do the same. I knew I wasn’t skinny, but I would always wonder if I could or should be skinnier to be worthy of someone else’s love. It was pathetic, but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do to fit in.

I hate how this is the new “trend.” Stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something about it, whether it is an exterior or interior issue. Don’t doubt yourself and put yourself down for such vain matters. Unfollow those sickening Twitter or Instagram accounts that post a picture of skinny legs and crop out the face and don’t drool over the pictures of those men or women who just have a thigh gap. By unfollowing them, you can stop comparing yourself to them. However, if they’ve made you realize that you do want to look healthier, you could start doing something to achieve your dream body. By getting in contact with Paul Fortes MD, you could consider getting some plastic surgery done if you’re really unhappy with your body. Plastic surgeons offer a lot of services that can improve the appearance of your body, so it might be worth doing that if it feels appropriate. Alternatively, you could start improving your health in other ways, such as regular exercise and healthy eating. This should enhance your body and make it look better over time.

People will care about who you are on the inside; looks can only get you so far in life, and they only last you so long.

Confidence is the best beauty product in the market. Be confident in your judgments and choices that show the best parts of who you are on the inside. Your flaws will be there whether you want them to be or not-it is what makes you human and perfect. Take selfies – or go one step further and arrange a shoot with boudoir photographers New Orleans (or somewhere more local to you). Be confident in how you look. Take care of yourself, but not to a point where you’re obsessive and it consumes your entire life. Stop bullying yourself and others about something that they might not be able to change. You are a worthwhile human being who doesn’t owe anyone beauty, except yourself. Not only are you worth living for, but you are worth thriving for. Live for who you want to be and no one else.

Jennifer is a sophomore public relations and event management major from Devine, Texas.

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