Help a child with the Tarleton angel tree program

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4 Responses

  1. Denise Harroff says:

    This is such a great event that Tarleton holds. My family and I have participated in buying for Angel Trees when I was younger, and we were actually listed on an Angel Tree when I was in high school. Y’all have no idea how much of a difference it can make. What a beautiful thing. Great story, Sara!

  2. Melissa says:

    Hi I’m Melissa an I would like to no if i can still sign my 3 year old daughter up with an angel tree I don’t no were to put in a application an I tried going threw HOPE an the dead lines already ended this year has been the hardest year for me cause I can’t find work..I have no income an my mother paid my bills an rent but she got sent to jail cause of poor decisions an now I have no way of getting my baby girl Christmas it makes me upset inside to know that my baby girl jus may not have Christmas this it would be a wonderful blessing of someone could tell me witch way to go bout putting my daughter faith on a angel tree thank y’all an God bless hope to here something back thanks…

  3. Melody Cotten says:

    Need help with Christmas for my kid

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