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-A front-page story in the May 2 print edition of Texan News about a nutrition website rating for the Sodexo food service provider should have made clear that the rating was for Sodexo overall, and not specifically for Tarleton’s food distributor Sodexo franchise.

The “F” rating for nutrition, according to the website www.isitbadforyou, took into account Sodexo’s food at high schools as well as universities.

Also, the story incorrectly reported the number of universities Sodexo serves worldwide. It is more than 850, not more than 400,000, which is the number of employees Sodexo has worldwide.

–The online story, “Four sexual assaults reported in 30-day span at Tarleton State University,” didn’t disclosed that even though they were reported on these dates, some of the dates the incidents occurred are different.

–In the August 14 newspaper story, “New vice president embraces Tarleton tradition,” the story mentions Dr. Boren’s son, but does not mention her daughter. The online version has been corrected as of August 26. Texan News regrets the error.

–Texan News published a voter’s guide May 7 that did not include Russ McDanel, who is running for City Council, Place 4. The story has been corrected as of May 9. Texan News regrets the error.

–History professors at Tarleton State University wrote a letter to praise Managing Editor, Denise Harroff on her courageousness when discussing her opinion on Tarleton’s policies and practices. Click here: