Homecoming parking changes

By Shelby Clayton—


Tarleton State University students have been complaining about parking a lot this year. Texan News has previously reported on the parking petition

Centennial Hall parking lot at Tarleton State University.
Photo courtesy of the Glen Rose Current.

created by Moriah Balch and Dylan Smith to appeal for more parking on campus. On Friday, the parking problems may increase due to many parking lot closures.

On Friday, Oct. 19 parking lots, P20, P51, P39, P25 and P34 North, South and East will be closing at noon and all vehicles that are in these lots after that time

are subject to be ticketed. P20 is a purple, blue and green zone near Memorial Stadium. P51 is a purple zone located by the Campus Recreation Center. P39 is a red zone by the Tennis Courts. P25, P34 North, P34 South and P34 East are all lots near the Horticulture Center and the Baseball/Softball fields.

These lots are being closed due to Homecoming events. “We have many areas requesting help with parking due to multiple and sometimes competing issues,” said Matt Welch, Tarleton Police Chief. Athletics requested that lots be closed to prepare for the football game on Saturday. “Tailgate organizers ask that we close off the northern half of the stadium lot and the lot between rec sports and the new turf field for tailgate,” Welch said. The lots near the horticulture center are closed for parade entrants.

Every lot, except for those listed in the email, will remain open. “Friday is a light academic day; therefore we do not usually have parking issues but for those who need to be here for classes, we are opening all faculty/staff gated lots at noon,” Welch said.

Lots are closed early in order to make the parking process easier. “Some people ask us why we close the lots so early, such as on Friday for a game/tailgate/parade the next day. The answer is, we ask people to move, then we send by some student workers to write down all the remaining vehicle parking permit numbers and we call them one by one. This is a time consuming and tedious task but it is more student focused than writing everyone tickets and/or towing,” Welch said.

Another homecoming parking change is that there will no longer be parking at the Tarleton Bonfire. Everyone must ride shuttles to the farm for the bonfire. There will be a campus pick up/drop off location in front of the rec center. The shuttle will start running at 5:30 on Friday.

“We are posting notices for students to not leave their vehicles at the farm prior to the bonfire. We were told that some students were planning on leaving their vehicles out there to circumvent the parking process. Parking is very limited at the farm and parking in grassy areas will result in cars getting stuck in the mud. There will not be time to notify those vehicle owners and they will be issued tickets,” Welch said.

For more information about bonfire parking you can go to the Tarleton Calendar at:  https://tarleton.edu/calendar/homecoming/#!view/event/date/20181019/event_id/57102%3Futm_source%3DStudents%26utm_campaign%3Dddda63ac7b-tarletontoday_COPY_01%26utm_medium%3Demail%26utm_term%3D0_bd2b5f12c1-ddda63ac7b-73440467.

For a map of Tarleton parking you can go here: http://map.tarleton.edu/map/?id=302#!ct/12942,7135,2831,19248,7136,7137,7104,6987,7113,13888,6988,6989,6990.

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