Tarleton RL&L assigns housing based on seniority

By Paige Franco – 

Students who will be juniors or seniors at Tarleton have seniority for on-campus housing even though they are not required to live on-campus.

All students are required to live on campus for two academic years if they were classified as a first time college student when they started at Tarleton or as a transfer student who started at Tarleton with fewer than 12 credit hours.

Shelly Conboy-Brown, assistant director of Residential Living & Learning, said, “We provided times for everybody to log in to choose their spaces and we took every student that was not required to live on-campus and gave them the first time to choose from and then everyone after that was assigned a time based on their application submission date.”

Beginning March 4-6, current students could reclaim their current space using the self-assignment process. If the current students desired a different room in their current building they could make that selection during the week of March 18. On March 25 all returning students were able to search and select rooms from all the available spaces during their assigned time.

Texan Village was junior Kristi Walker’s No. 1 preference. “I wanted to live in Texan Village,” she said, “but it was already full when I did my self-assignment.” Walker is on the waiting list for Texan Village in case cancellations occur.

Conboy-Brown said, “All students are not assigned to the particular space that they want to be in. Maybe based on availability they were not able to choose a space and this would apply to juniors, seniors, graduate students and sophomores, whatever the situation is. What we continue to do all the way up until move-in is match people with their preferences based on space availability and cancellations.”

Faith Morgan’s assigned time to complete her self-assignment was March 25 at 8 a.m. Morgan said, “I was able to get into Texan Village, which surprised me.” Texan Village was Morgan’s No. 1 preference and she is happy she was able to receive her preference. Morgan is currently a sophomore, but she will be a junior after the spring 2013 semester.

Not all students received their preferences, but housing will constantly be shifting people into their preferred spaces as cancellations occur.

Paige Franco is freshman public relations event management major from Boerne, Texas.

TexanVillage Floor Plan

Texan Village Floor Plan

Traditions Floor Plan

Traditions Floor Plan


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