Introducing Tarleton State University’s new quarterback

By: Kaley Dowell

Executive Producer

At the end of the fall 2019 football season, Tarleton State University students and fans watched over 20 seniors walk the field to be recognized. Many worried that, with those graduating and Tarleton becoming a Division I school, the fall 2020 football season would not be as successful as it has been in the last couple of years. 

Since then, Tarleton has landed 6-foot-6 quarterback Steven Duncan. Duncan has previous experience playing for a DI school and is transferring from Western Kentucky University with two years of eligibility remaining. He has thrown over 1,863 yards and assisted with 14 touchdowns in his college career at WKU. 

With this experience, Duncan will be able to provide the leadership that Tarleton needs as they transition to playing DI teams. 

Texan News caught up with Duncan to see how he feels about coming to Tarleton and to get to know the player behind the mask. 

Duncan is a 22-year-old graduate student transferring to Tarleton with a Bachelor’s degree in business management with a focus in human resources. He will be pursuing two Master’s degrees, one in business administration and a second in human resources. When asked why he chose to transfer to Tarleton, Duncan attributed the decision to the friendly people and atmosphere.  

“Tarleton just seemed like home,” Duncan said. “Everybody that I spoke to whether it was Dr. Hurley, Dr. Heller in the business college, Coach Whitten… It just felt like I was appreciated here. I was wanted here.”

The South Carolina native has been playing football since he was in the third grade. He said he cannot remember a time growing up where he didn’t have a football in his hands. 

Both Duncan’s dad and grandfather were collegiate football players at one time, so the love of the sport runs in the family. 

“My Grandpa was an All-American high school defensive lineman and then played for the University of South Carolina. My Dad was a quarterback and transitioned to a tight end at Gardner-Webb [University]… It’s kinda just been passed down. It’s in our blood,” Duncan said. 

From there, Duncan went on to discuss how big of an impact his dad has had on his life and who his favorite football player is.

“Every guy’s hero is probably his dad… He always tells me to be better than him, so hopefully, I can achieve that one day… Football-wise, I’d say probably Brett Favre. That’s my favorite quarterback of all time.” 

Brett Favre was the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers from 1992-2008. 

A motto that has stuck with Duncan throughout his years of playing for WKU came from Hilltoppers head coach Tyson Helton. 

“His motto is ‘whatever it takes.’ No matter what happens you’ve just gotta go and win the game by whatever it takes. If you can get down to those last 5 minutes and win the game… that’s where it’s gonna be… It’s something I’ve really embraced,” Duncan said. 

Duncan is currently in Stephenville where he is able to interact with the team and enjoy campus. He has kept himself busy with workouts, summer classes and spending time with his dog. 

“I wake up, I go over to the Rec Center and get a workout in. I hang out with my dog… After that, I try and get a run in, maybe a mile run. I throw with the guys… It’s kinda been busy. I’m taking online classes too while being a [graduate assistant] in the business college.”

Duncan is ready to experience the game-day atmosphere Tarleton is known for. He has heard about traditions such as the Rudder walk on game days and the excitement that lasts all throughout homecoming week. He can’t wait to get on the field and play for Tarleton this fall. To find his stats from the last couple of years go to, find the 2020 football roster, and check out his bio at

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