Iwanna iFrogz booster review (4 out of 5 Stars)

Jenny Cline

Texan News Service

Booster Plus by iFrogz is a small, battery-operated, portable speaker for smart phones that changes your musical experience from solo to shared instantly, without cords or an external power source. It is quite ingenious in concept and simple in design, so much so you may wonder why no one ever thought of it before.

Measuring just under six inches in length and less than two in width, it slips easily into a pocket in your backpack or purse, and tucks away neatly in a small desk drawer, out of sight, but easy to access.

Its functionality is not unlike a megaphone — although with much better sound. Just turn it on, select your music on your smart phone, and place your smart phone on top of the Booster Plus speaker. It is easier to do this with the speaker on so you can hear the immediate adjustment in volume and projection of sound when the speaker on your phone is properly lined up with the sensor. The speaker fills the room with your music with surprising volume and quality sound. The Booster has a mini USB, which provides the option of using other available external power sources. It also has an audio in outlet for users who want to plug in directly.

A significant oversight by iFrogz is the need for a more obvious power indicator light; the one it has is miniscule and hidden in the face of the speaker, making it difficult to see in anything but darkness.  An external indicator light would remind users to power off the speaker at the end of use, preventing unnecessary battery power loss.

Also, iFrogz neglected to consider the iPad user in the design. The speaker works with an iPad without compromising sound quality, although it is not designed for that use. The length of the iPad is more than that of the Booster speaker, making it difficult to balance the iPad speaker over the Booster’s sensor. Stacking a couple of books under the overhanging end of the iPad serves well to balance it properly. However, finding the exact height needed to provide that support may be time consuming, negating the convenience factor. A simple modification in length of the Booster Plus speaker would accommodate the avid iPad user and provide more functionality for this tech savvy purchase.

Retailing at $59.99, the Booster Plus is a great investment for music and smart phone lovers.  It is currently out of stock on iFrogz’ website so apparently, others agree.

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