Justin Bieber’s Growing Pains

Kandace Willett – 

Justin Bieber is finally a legal adult and his third full-length album, Believe, is a compilation of tracks that, for the most part, seem to reinforce this fact. His first two music videos from this newest album, “Boyfriend” and “As Long as You Love Me” have made teenagers as well as older fans swoon over Bieber’s new mature style.

However, his latest video from the album “Beauty and a Beat” featuring Nicki Minaj seems to step back a bit to a younger, more playful side of the pop-sensation.  Set in a water park, the video features synchronized swimming routines and underwater footage of Bieber singing to the camera, which he holds at arm’s length throughout most of the video.

The whole video is rumored to be part of “three hours of personal footage” that was stolen from Bieber and then “illegally uploaded by an anonymous blogger.” This claim, which is made at the beginning of the video, leaves the audience just a bit confused. Obviously, it is untrue. According to eonline.com, the reports of stolen footage were most likely for a publicity stunt by Bieber and his crew.

The energy is definitely upbeat in this video and the audience gets the vibe that Bieber and all of his dancers had a lot of fun shooting it. Of course, who wouldn’t enjoy a private water park for a night?

While the video is mostly family-friendly, Nicki Minaj brings a certain risqué tone to the video for the portion of her appearance. With the use of one curse word, some other suggestive lyrics, and her scantily-clad body, she reminds the audience that Bieber is no longer a little kid as she and the heartthrob briefly and awkwardly air-grind each other.

Despite the odd “stolen footage” claim, and Minaj’s not-surprisingly-weird cameo, the video is very entertaining. The water park setting is something new to see for a music video and it makes for very cool dance choreography.  Although Bieber may be trying to start portraying a more “grownup” image, he is still only 18 years old. The “Beauty and a Beat” video does a good job of capturing both his mature talent and reminding the audience that he is still a teenager and more than capable of appealing to his younger fans.


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