Letter from the editor: Anything you can do, I’ll try to do better

By Bethany Kyle—


I am living proof that competition can bring out the worst in people. Still, it is not a quality I am ashamed of, because it often brings out the best parts of me as well.

This is especially true in my role at Texan News. We are in a unique news environment, with an abnormal amount of journalistic competition for the community’s size, both on and off campus. editorcolumnphoto_CMYK

Now, let me be clear about what I mean when I talk about our competition in news. No one is at war here. I am just noting that we share an audience and a goal, and are constantly doing our best to be the best. Simply by definition we (with JTAC, and even the Stephenville Empire-Tribune and The Flash) are all competition, because we share a goal—for our audience to turn to us when they want news.

But that competition is such a beneficial thing to have! To strive to best one another can only make us better. It spurs growth and innovation in everything we do. I know this is especially true at Texan News.

There is also a benefit from having competition you respect to look to and learn from. We have had the editor(s) of The Flash and Stephenville Empire-Tribune in the newsroom talking to students about what they do and how they do it. There is so much to learn from people who do what you do (even if you are trying to do it better than them).

The one who benefits most from this competition in the end is you, the reader. You get more options for news. You get competitive organizations that keep each other honest and growing. You get diversity, because some are students, some are professionals, some are online, some are in print, etc. You get the best we can give.

Every member of the Texan News staff cares a great deal about the future and success of our organization. Part of that success is striving to be better than the competition every day.

Because anything you can do, I will try to do better.

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