Letter to the Editor: I am a little confused

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9 Responses

  1. Melvin J. Miller says:

    That is so awesome I cannot wait to share it out on many links….
    US Army (Ret). HUAH!!! If you aren’t GREEN, you just aren’t. 🙂

  2. JW says:

    “My party controls every branch of government, but I’m sad cause someone expressed an opinion different from mine on the TV, and a city I don’t live in removed a statue of my favorite traitor.”

  3. Jeffrey Ryle says:

    Our world would regain its normalacy if we had more intelligent and common sense folks like the author of this article. My suggestion to the author is apply for a professorship the country needs real professors not propagandists.

  4. Ron says:

    Absolutely one of the most factual letters of todays society I have seen. I know it tears liberals apart to read facts but like they say, truth hurts most of the time.
    It is sad that liberal powers who say they are for the people remove statues in the middle of the night even though the vast majority of it’s citizens say leave the statues alone, let history live.
    Sad, San Antonio use to be a nice friendly city. Now hate runs in it also.

  5. I hope you don’t mind me sharing an editorial I wrote on a similar topic. This is the type of intelligent discussion the world needs. Thank you Mr. Woodard.

  6. Hammersby says:

    Hard to claim this is “one of the most factual letters of todays society” when it includes at least one outright lie:
    “Next thing you know, ESPN is removing an Asian guy named Robert Lee from a gig because his name may offend someone. ”
    ESPN removed him to prevent him and the game from becoming a circus of memes and online jokes. What’s happened since is a cavalcade of unintended second-order effects, including the outright twisting of facts to suit political agendas. Which never seems to happen.

    But hey, don’t let a handful of slippery-slope rhetorical fallacies with a side dish of “whataboutism” get in the way of your thinly-veiled attempts to continue to defend your need to divide, hate, and intimidate those that don’t look like you.

  7. Woodard Scott C. says:

    Hammersby, maybe you should read the statement from ESPN spokesman, Derek Volner, for the reason to remove Lee. Don’t forget to also review your judgement of me based on the color of my skin instead of my character and content.


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