Letter to the editor: Tarleton history professors praise ‘courageous’ column

Updated June 1 @ 11:00 a.m.


Dear Editors,

We write to offer our hearty congratulations to Denise Harroff for her courageous April 18 op-ed on Tarleton State University’s spending priorities. We also wish to offer our enthusiastic support to the Texan News Service for its recent investigations into Tarleton policies and practices.

Ms. Harroff’s bold stand should serve as inspiration to her fellow students. Too often, students simply accept the status quo or follow dictates from above. In our history courses, we strive to teach our students to approach information sources critically, challenge norms and ask the tough questions. Ms. Harroff’s piece upholds those standards and should be commended. She examined, investigated, concluded and acted – exactly what a liberal arts education is all about.

We are disappointed to learn that Ms. Harroff has encountered opposition from her classmates. To love something is to want to improve it. We believe that students who genuinely care about Tarleton’s present and future should celebrate Ms. Harroff’s critique and embrace her call for transparency and reform. Students should constantly be questioning administration decisions, from parking spots and food services to Duck Camp remuneration and athletics spending. We are proud to see students like Denise Harroff voice their concerns and offer productive solutions. Any who read these words, we urge you to do the same!

Thank you,

Dr. Michael Landis, Assistant Professor of History

Dr. Mattie Fitch, Assistant Professor of History

Dr. Holly Karibo, Assistant Professor of History

Dr. Jensen Branscombe, Visiting Assistant Professor of History

Dr. Moumin Quazi, Associate Professor of English

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