Local businesses see increase in sales for Valentine’s day

By Bethany Kyle –

Valentine’s Day affects many businesses in Stephenville, but it is mixed results on how much of an impact the holiday has on sales. Businesses that sell traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, such as flowers and wholesale stainless steel jewelry, see an increase in sales as do clothing stores and salons.

Because Valentine’s Day is falling on a weekday, business for flower delivery services has increased. The owner of Flowers Etc., Carrie Pack, noted that on a usual day her business would have about 10 orders, but on Valentine’s Day, they get about 500 orders. The same goes for jewelry stores all over the globe, if you’re struggling to find the right gift for your Valentine, make sure to look about at different stores, for example you could find something perfect by checking out adinasjewels.com and similar jewelry websites you might not have thought to search for yet. Let it be known if you’re trying to get some flowers and a gift for your loved one for Valentines, it might be worthwhile having a look around and ordering the gifts a little earlier.

Brenda Basham from Richard’s Jewelry said that this year’s sales were highest during the Christmas and Valentines seasons, and they have been “higher than last year’s.”

Brit VanZandt, of Swindle’s Jewelry, said their sales “pick up a little bit” for Valentine’s Day and their customers spend a wide range of money. The average customer spends approximately $150-$200.

Price isn’t always an issue for Valentine’s Day shoppers. At Bealls, store manager Lupe Vasquez said that when men come in to buy jewelry, “some don’t look at the price. They just want to get them something nice.”

Nontraditional gifts, such as pets, are not so popular in Stephenville. Gail Johnson, a Humane Society officer at the animal shelter, said there is “not really” an increase in adoption this time of year.

In Stephenville, consumers are also spending money preparing for Valentine’s Day by finding the perfect date-night outfit. Cameron Keeth, owner of Kickin’ Colt, noticed an increase of women shopping for the perfect outfit for their Valentine’s Day date.

JCPenney sees an increase in lingerie sales in preparation for Valentine’s Day, said store manager Doug Long.

Along with buying a Valentine’s Day date outfit, businesses that do hair and nails are seeing an increase in business. Owner Linda Strauch of The Bijou said they have been “booked solid” in preparation for the holiday. She also said gift certificates have been a big seller.

People who are found without a date on Valentine’s Day have businesses catering to their plans as well. Cynthia Stephens, co-owner at Agave and City Limits said there is an increase in business at City Limits, including mostly single people, and couples for the Valentine’s special at Agave.

Local hotels have also seen noticeably higher interest for the holiday. Kayla Vera from Holiday Inn Express said that the front desk has received calls “pretty much all day” trying to book their honeymoon suite for the holiday in addition to the remainder of their suites being booked for the night as well. The Hampton Inn and Suites reported being “pretty full” this week.

As for chocolates, Beans and Franks has a Wiseman House Chocolates on display near the register. Jaylyn Moore said a lot of the chocolate is individually wrapped, so it seems that people will grab a small packaged candy to munch on while they are studying rather than purchase candy for a significant other.

Shelby Wofford contributed to this article. Reporting conducted by the students in two media writing courses. Editing by Andrea Beare and Ashley Parker.

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