Malcolm Cross

Malcolm Cross is running for City Council, Place 2.

Malcolm Cross.Photo courtesy of Malcolm Cross.

Malcolm Cross.
Photo courtesy of Malcolm Cross.

What is your current occupation?

I teach political science at Tarleton State University.  My teaching assignments include Texas Government and Comparative State and Local Politics and Government, as well as courses on American National Government, Elections and Political Parties, the Presidency and other Political Executives, and Congress and the Legislative Process.

If applicable, what positions on council have you held before?

On the city council I’m Mayor Pro Tem, meaning I preside over the city council meetings on the rare instances when the Mayor is absent and represent him at public events if he is unable to attend himself, and chairman of the Nominations Committee, which reviews applications for membership on our citizen boards and commissions.  I also currently serve on the city council’s Finance and Environmental Management Committees, and I’m a former member of its Personnel, Public Works, and Public Health and Safety Committees.

What has motivated you to be involved in city government?

I was motivated mainly by my desire to help improve the quality of life for all Stephenville residents, myself included, to put my past academic training and job experience to good use for Stephenville’s welfare, and to learn more about the practical aspects of government, politics, and administration.

What qualifies you to hold this position?

Two of my graduate degrees are in public administration and political science, with an emphasis on local government finance and administration.  I’ve served on the staffs of the city managers of Berkeley, Missouri, and Portage Michigan, and before my election to the Stephenville City Council I served as a member of the city Board of Adjustment, and a special commission to study and recommend changes to how we elect city council members.

What are your goals upon being elected?

My top priorities have always been to support police and fire protection, and expand our water well system.  I also believe in the necessity to attract more manufacturers and retailers to Stephenville to grow the economy and reduce the tax burden, by providing outstanding city services, simplified rules for business, and a level playing field on which all businesses can compete in a free market.

Why would/should a Stephenville resident want to vote for you?

I hope my experience and fiscally conservative approach to governance would inspire support.

As a more personal question, what do you find yourself doing in your spare time?

My hobbies include reading, creative writing, watching television and attending movies, dining out, walking, swimming, traveling, and astronomy.